Japan's Life

Living in Miyamaedaira

This some pics of my life in Japan. Starting with my “apato” called for apartment. Then my environment around apato. My apato near from “eki” (station), it’s about 5 min walking from eki. Near my apato, there is 7eleven. so close. so if I want to buy some snacks it’s only walk to reach it. I told in here very strategic , it’s near from eki, “supa’ (supermarket), restaurant, laundry, barber shop or salon, cafe, bank, home centre, drugstore, school, etc. I live in Miyamaedaira. It’s place for settlement, many apato and also “mansion” where are built in here to facilitate japan’s people live. Miyamaedaira is one of area of residence. Miyamaedaira quite far from my hubby’s office,one hour by train, but for him it’s no problm. Before moving to here, he thought it will be better to live around indonesian people, good neighborhood even far from office. He’s very kind to think my concern.

Other unique thing for Miymaedaira, is one of district that have many indonesian people, called “kampung melayu”. 5min from my apato to the west, there is especially apato that many indonesian’s people live there, called “hikari’. In hikari apato, there is mushola, bang deby’s house that since a year ago are used become mushola, breakfasting together, and many religion activities. Really happy to live here, since one week I came here then I have many friend because many friends here. The most important I have friends that I can share and ask something. As new comer, many things that I must learn from them 🙂

Here, some pict of my apato 😀

My Apato
My Apato

from first floor, Me @second floor

in front of apato's building
in front of apato’s building
Ferris Miyamaedaira
Ferris Miyamaedaira

My Bicycle
My Bicycle



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