Premarital Treatment-2

3 days before my wedding, yihaaaaa.. I had premarital treatment to look stunning and fresh on wedding day 😀

Last tuesday i went to moz5 salon muslimah in tubagus ismail, bandung. this is one of muslimah salon, only for women. I know this salon since was in college but i had time to visit and try their treatment. My friends also took their premarital treatment in this salon so i bit curious to try their service. hahaha. moz5 salon muslimah has pink and grey interior, such  pretty and girly. i like their employee which are polite, patient and also help full.

I only have 3 days to come to moz5 before my wedding day. After thinking what package that i will choose  for treatment, finally i choosed Paket Ayoe. Because paket ayoe more than 250.000 IDR then automatically i will get member card if i pay 15.000 IDR. I paid 768.000 IDR for Paket Ayoe plus member card 15.000 IDR which can be use in every moz5 salon, and also paper panty for my first treatment *i forgot to bring exchange panty* hahaha.

Paket Ayoe has complete treatment from toe to top, such as Hair Spa, Creambath, Lulur Pengantin, Masker Tubuh, Lulur Prana, Spa Vagina (2X), Perawatan Payudara (2X), Perawatan Mata, Perawatan Telinga, Totok Aura, Refleksi, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Gunting. This package has expired 1 June, so if  i had no time before wedding day then i can use the tretment after wedding as long as before 1 June. horeeeee.

For first day treatment, i took flowery body spa (change become green tea body spa) with eye treatment and also ear candle. i also took first breast treatment. before i took green tea body spa, i changed my clothes and then lied on bed. I had massage with massage oil from toe to top, then scrub to release my died skin. After that to open my body’s pore, i had steam for 15 minutes then body mask for 15 minutes. While my body had green tea mask, i also got ear candle and eye treatment. hhmm loved it. my eyes relaxed and i felt my ear more fresh and clean.

I came back again for second treatment today, i took creambath and foot relaxation. I choose ginseng creambath with vitamin and also foot relaxation. First, moz5 employee washed my hair then massage my hair with ginseng cream and also vitamin. she also did massage my back and hand. at the same time another employee washed my foot and gave massage with lotion and oil massage. hhmmm loved it. i felt my back really really strained then i felt relax when she gave me massage on my back. yipppieee.. my treatment finished 1,5 hours then.

Tomorrow, i will take my last treatment before wedding day which is lulur ratu/pengantin, breast treatment, ear candle, eye treatment, vagina spa, manicure, pedicure, and also hair spa.


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