1 week before my wedding day

Today, it’s 4 days before my wedding. 😀 I feel nervous and excited. I keep pray to wish all event on my day is going smooth and under control.  Amiiinn. But the most important thing is life after married which has more and more challenging. I must prepare my mental to through the marriage cruise.

During one week before my wedding day, all  of preparation has already done. I had meeting with all vendor which is catering, make up, photographer, and also MC. I gave my wedding guidance to make all of them know every detail event of my wedding ceremony. I explained one by one  part of my wedding and asked them if any suggestion. I really asked their cooperation for my wedding because they have more experience in wedding. I just make sure their job desk and hope they will do well.

I had trouble with my pre-wedding photo, all my photo is looked not good in their frame. Thanks for my father-in law who has fixed all of them.  😀


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