Premarital Treatment-1

Actually I did pre-marital treatment every week during one month before my due date. Twice in a week I did body scrub by myself but in the weekend if i have me time i will go to salon and spa. I need to relax my body and mind during many this that i must prepare for my wedding. It is also one of my preparation before my wedding day. So it a must to give your body reward, right?

Two weeks ago I did scrub in B’solek Salon Muslimah, near from my dormitory. I took coffee scrub. Therapist give me massage from toe to top then coffee scrub. Scrub is important to release your died skin then booster you skin regeneration. I feel relax and really like massage. Massage make your bood flow going smooth after hard contraction. After treatment i got shower with warm water,, then they give me ginger tea. hhmm loved it! I paid 85K for coffee scrub. not too expensive for their service it’s worth it.

Last sunday, i tried another spa. The name is Galuh Ayu Day Spa. It is far enough from my dormitory. Just take one public transportation then on foot around 10 minute.  Last sunday i went with 2 friends. Galuh Ayu has traditional interior and smell “rempah-remapah”. They use Martha Tilaar product. Galuh Ayu’s building has 3 floor and each floor has treatment room which consist of bed treatment, jacuzi, bath room and make up-desk. *i forgot didn’t take photo*

I choosed Paras kartini Ayu package with green tea. it consist of massage, steam, scrub then body masker. Totally it need 2hours. They give massage with prana energy, it usefull to transfer energy from therapist to concument. I like it coz it made my body warm and reduce my muscle tension. Then steam with syauqi system to open my body’s pore. After that therapist did scrub my body then they gave body masker. I waited until my body mask dry then got shower. hhmm i feel relax and very fresh… I use body lotion to my body before went out. Before I paid, they gave me ginger tea. yummy, it made my body warm and sleepy 😛   loved it! it cost 180K. I’ll try another package….still have 2 weeks ago before my wedd.. I want to look stunning on my big day…


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