3 weeks to go…

Hhhmm,, Time flies so fast, now 3 weeks to go before our wedding..dag dig dug deeerrrr…..

I feel nervous and excited little bit worry. Day by day before my big day, I still handle little things with also help from my sister and my mom.

Last week finally I finished my wedding guide book. This book contains  all about my wedding run down based on Sundanese Traditional Wedding and also every vendor detail also my wedding committee. This book will give to my wedding vendor and also my family. I hope with this book they know flow my wedding event and have responsibility to each job desk. My wedding guide books are in the printing process hope in second week before my due date it will be finished. After that i will distribute them to all my vendor.

Next week, I will pay the rest invoice of my wedding’s order to catering vendor. It a must to make full payment 2 weeks before the event.

Other is i still waiting  for my korean pra-wedding photo edited by our photographer. She promised that next week will finished around mid month. will see if she can not finish my request i will find other person to edit my photo. Ouchhh still another homework is to looking for photo frame, i will ask my mom and dad to try find out 🙂

Today, I sent our wedding-song list to my music vendor. Hope they will learn our song and play all of them in our reception.

That’s all my update….




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