Wedding Prep Progress (1 month to go)

Heyhoo..long time no share about my wedd preparation. It’s only a month to go to our due date 🙂 I feel nervous, excited and of course worry wether my wedding will go smooth or not. I always pray that my wedding will run smoothly and success.

I’d like to share some my wedding check list that have been done

-last month, my wedding gown has done..yippiee..after approximately 2 months my sewer did that. I got all my imagine about wedding dress. Actually I took design from my fav moslem designer Irna La Perle but the real my dress is different from her creation. There is some modification in my wedding dress.

-I just ordered glitter veil and head acc from Irna La Perle and waiting for the package. I will use that for ijab qabul.

-in January I did medical check up to know how is my condition. I took Imlek Package form Eka Hospital, 600 IDR. Before having married I had plan to take medical check up in order to make sure my healthy condition. My fiancee also did that last year and the result is excellent, everything is good! We have decided not to take reproduction check up only general check up because we have a plan not to make a baby in the near future. We’re still want to adapt each other in marriage life after we have ready we wil going to make baby programe. I only check liver function, lungs, lipid profile, blood test, urine analysis, heart screening, blood glucose. My medical check up-result is the same with my fiancee, nothing wrong and my healthy condition is good.

-All the things about religion-civic government (KUA) is already done. My father gave all requirement necessary to the religion-civic government and also booked “Penghulu” for my wedding. In addition, the administration will be paid one week before my wedding.

-I also waiting for our korean pra-wedding photo edited by our photographer. She promised that nest month will finished aroun mid month. will see I will often follow up her. I must looking for frame for our photo. hhmm must looking for the cheap one but good quality.

-I also gave my menu to catering vendor and also requested to detail payment. They will sent by mail this week.

-My mom will make duration every detail event of my wedding and will print out my wedding handbook and give to all vendor. So that they will know the flow and every step of my wedding.

-Another home work beside looking for photo frame is giving song list to music vendor


Acha Acha Fighting




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