Daddy’s Day

Today,  My daddy’s is 59 years old…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST PAPAH… *kiss hug*

In your day, I can’t be with you. This is the second time in your day I am not at your side like last year.  Two times missed your day make me sad pah..Sorry, but i always remember your day. I pray for your healthy, happiness, and get everything your dreams of. Hope you always blessed by Allah swt. Yes, I love you so much. You are always in my heart even we are separate long kilometers…

I called you this morning and heard your voice was happy. I said happy birthday, he asked my pray for him then i asked his healthy, coz from weeks ago he got ill. Thanks to Allah swt, my dad is going better. He told that he is going to doctor to check up again. My fathen rarely get ill. But when he’s got ones then he’ll unhappy and angry. In the middle of our conversation, my tears   was dropped. I cried but no voice. Next year, I’ll miss him when I’ve followed my husband 😦

I remembered, when I was child, me and dad often to go shopping together. On the way to back home, daddy bought me ice cream and sit me up at his back. We walked until reach home. In third elementary school, me and my dad went to pangandaran. We spent time together, eat, went to beach and took photo in “Isabella Boat” (famous song “Isabella”). In every Idul Fitri, We are mom, dad, me and my sist went to our grandpa’s home with motor cycle. I sat back on the motor cycle-steering. Mom and my sist sat in the back of my dad. The motor cycle is fully of stuff and passenger. You can imagine, 4 persons on the top of motor and crossed the long road…

I missed in the morning when I was in school my dad woke me up with slowly open my door “Mba, udah pagi..bangun..sekolah ga??”. Even when I’ve been college, you always repeated your word “sekolah”. Hehehe.. It’s made me laugh. After I and my sist had ready to go. He’s formerly ready in our car or motor cycle to brought us to school.  He shouted “Hayoo mo brangkat ga?”. Until now, He always accompanied me wherever I go…

When I was in elementary school, My daddy came through heavy rain in night to check how was my condition in camp area. He brought baked bread. So sweet. He didn’t want me lack of eat. Until know He always said “mba kamu harus makan yg banyak, makan yg cukup, jgn kurang, jgn lupa buah, vitamin nanti sakit”. He knows me ver y well, if I don’t  eat regularly or not enough portion, it very easy to me to get ill. Indeed, I am always eat a lot.. hahahaha..

My daddy always support me whatever I do. He gave his attention with the way I often realized. His question to me with who I go hang out, where I will go, or what I’ll do is part of his control of me. Sometimes, I felt my dad annoying coz too many question to me. My dad is a man but sometimes act like mom, little bit fussy with his own style. But, I think again then realized He only want everything clear and proper for me. Important for him is get guarantee that I will be safe wherever I am. I missed your killer question dad 🙂

Now, I am stay in boarding house. In the afternoon, my dad sent message “mba udah makan?sama apa?lagi apa?” He want me to update what I do everyday, told what I am eat, whether I am health or not and is everything going smooth and fine..

He put high expectation of me. He gave spirit to reach my dream. He become friend for discuss and also to fight. He always my idol. I am proud to have you as my father.

Love u much daddy

Hug and kisses from your daughter


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