October 2011

It was long time I didnt touch my wedding story,, hehehe..

Now, I want to share some of list to do that i’ve been done to held my wedding next year.. Last month, together with my parents, i came to my catering vendor  at once ‘semi wedding organizer’ coz they are handled all the stuff of wedding in there. i dont need to go to some place to take care of many wedding items. I talked and discussed all about the needed of wedding with the marketing sales that served us include bargain price and also bonus 🙂

I requested the sales to make lay out draft of my wedding and breakdown of wedding costs. This is important to control their work and also check list for me to verify every detail item of wedding. At that time i also paid the first down payment that means i booked the wedding date and approved to use the wedding package. Yeeppp, one step of my list to do has done  ^_^ . Next, i’ll follow up their work.

But, there are a lot of things to do, 😥 … Before doing down payment, with my parents i looked for some cloth material for my friends. hehehe.. hhmm i found the silk chiffon. the colour is purple but very very pale. but it’s ok as long as the shade still purple. 🙂

The next home work is i must give all the fabric to my friends. i will start next month. Other, i must looking for kebaya for my parents, also parents in-law, and two sisters..Coz my wedding theme is purple, so the colour will connceted to purple. I’ve plan to get check up beore married. I just want to know my healthy especially healthy basic. I’ve never do check up, now besides of marriage needed i think it must be done to review our healthy regularly to prevent any diseases. It is important to know how is your body condition as soon as possible before any diseases infection.

Ganbatte ne ^_^


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