Rape in Pace Marco Simoncelli

Addio SuperSic…

Marco Simoncelli

Perayaan setelah menang balapan

SuperSic Action.. calon bintang besar motoGP

Simoncelli Manuver

Winning celebration

SuperSic and his idol Valentino Rossi

His Trophy

Helm Simoncelli yang terlepas di Sirkuit Sepang

Before Tragedy at Sepang.. He promoted his website

Peti Jenazah SuperSic


bunga dari tifosi Marco

Ayah Marco... Paolo Simoncelli... yang disambut Presiden CONI Italia

Mercedes that brought Marco to his home town, Coriano

Antrian panjang penghormatan terakhir untuk SuperSic

Tifosi memberi hormat untuk Marco

Tifosi Queue

Rossi, Best Friend's Marco

Pray for SuperSic

SuperSic in Style...so handsome and his hair is so "unyu-unyu" :))

-Marco Simoncelli, juara GP 250 cc-

Ci mancherà tanto

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